#11 work in progress

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#11 Oh Daddy! is still in progress.

Occasionally life takes over and these projects drag out a little longer than hoped. I’ve still a few more stories waiting in the wings, too.

Blueprints Part 2 - January 2016

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#10 Blueprints Part 2.

After Sawyer and Chase learn to express their affection for one another, Sawyer forces Chase to make a choice. A choice that Sawyer learns to regret.

Blueprints Part 1 - November 2015

Issue #5 Girlfriend
#9 Blueprints.

Sawyer and Chase are roommates working toward their degrees. Chase chases tail all day and night, which leaves him frustrated. He chases so much he runs into danger of finishing his school work. His roommate comes to his rescue.

Varsity Shower - September 2015

Issue #5 Girlfriend
#8 is a free internet-only publication.

This is a follow-up to #5 - Girlfriend. It stars Connor, Zach, and a few jocks from the team.

Adult content.

Masquerade Part 2 - July 2015

Issue #5 Girlfriend
#7 has been released. Hope you like it.

Masquerade Part 1 - May 2015

Issue #5 Girlfriend
#6 is now released. I decided to break this story up into two parts, each roughly the same size. This will let me get to market a little quicker. I won’t create an adult version of this, as there’s not much graphic sex in this one.

Girlfriend - March 2015

Issue #5 Girlfriend
#5 is now released. This one is about half the size of the others, and half the price. I don't expect to create an adult version of this, but I do plan to launch an adult online follow up when Class President is complete posted and will probably follow the same pattern of two pages each week.

SubYaoi: Class President

Issue #4 Class President
Released online weekly in 2015. This issue is completely available now for free.

Adult content.

SubYaoi: Varsity Shower

Issue #5 Girlfriend
The football team jocks show Connor how the varsity shower is supposed to be used.

Adult content.

SubYaoi: AY Boy Models

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My collection of young models. Almost all of these boys are very beautiful, some stunning. I started this as a source for creating boyish faces and modeling hair, and it sort of took on a life of its own as a internet resource curation.
American Yaoi is a full color comic manga for young gay men. It focuses on issues with growing up gay in the USA. Adult content and sexual situations are common.
All of my ebooks that are available for purchase. I plan to release NC-17 versions (as I call it) of eBooks on Amazon.
Write a review on one of my Amazon stories and I'll send you a copy of the explicit version.
Read my random thoughts about my stories, yaoi, politics, or anything really. I can't say I'll be regular with my thoughts, but it may give you a laugh or a thought.
A few of my stories are available for your reading pleasure (but not in comic form). Some will likely never be rendered into comics.
My gallery is up and running with extra content or stuff from just playing around.